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Arctic Survival Escape Room Challenge


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Test your virtual survival instincts in the Arctic! Work together with your team to crack the code, call for help and find your location, all in a race against time!

Midway through an arctic expedition, your team has become separated from your hiking guide. With a storm setting in and nightfall approaching, you lose your direction of travel. Forced to abandon your expedition, you hike for what feels like hours until you come across a small hut with no one inside.

As you enter the hut, you spot a radio sitting on the shelf but you soon realise it’s of no use without anything to power it. Just when you think all hope is lost, you see an an explorer's bag full of their belongings lying on the floor. Could there be something in there to help you?

You have around 60 minutes before the hut is unreachable due to the heavy snowfall and high winds. Does your team have what it takes to ESCAPE in time?

Key features

Augmented reality challenges
Unlock riddles and clues
3 exciting levels
Carbon neutral activity
Flexible gameplay
24/7 availability

How Arctic Survival Escape Works

Crack The Clues To Escape!

Using the items in the explorer's bag and objects around the hut, your job is to crack the code for the generator cupboard so you can get it up and running to power the radio and find the correct frequency for the Emergency Channel. Finally, you need to work out your location so that the Rescue Team can send help!

3 Levels of Interactive Challenges

Teams will be tasked with a variety of interactive challenges that include augmented reality, audio and more! Using your own smartphone devices and video conferencing software, you must progress through the three stages of the Arctic Survival challenge as quickly as you can.

The aim of the game is simple; solve the clues to crack the code and start the generator, call for help and find your location, all before you run out of time!

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